KB Series Brinell Hardness Tester

The Newage KB Series is a popular, manually-controlled Brinell hardness tester that meets ASTM E-110. This lightweight, portable tester is ideal for virtually any size or shape of metal specimen. Simply place the specimen between the anvil and test head; manually crank the test head downward onto the specimen; and apply the desired load using the hydraulic lever. Overload protection is standard. The tester applies up to 3000 kg load on a 10mm ball, making a visible indentation that is read using a Brinell scope or our B.O.S.S. system. The calibrated accuracy is better than 0.5% of the applied load. 

The KB Series tester is available with load measurement systems of 1000 kgf and 3000 kgf with variations for extended rams or with a chain adapter. The chain adapter is 4 ft in length and is used for large cylinder samples. It secures onto the test head and wraps around the specimen holding the specimen securely during the test procedure. The test head may also be supplied with an extended ram length. The extended length is ideal for recessed areas or over raised edges. Other options include a reverse direction load adapter used for measuring inside diameters on pipe, tube, etc. 

All KB Series testers, except the models with chain adapter accessory, are supplied with a 10mm carbide ball indenter, flat anvil, vee anvil and dome anvil.

Features & Benefits 
  • Simple to use.  Can be used on virtually any size or shape metal specimen. Meets ASTM E-110. 
  • Repeatable operation.  Manual operation locks the sample in position. Manual control the applied load up to 3000 kgf.
  • Economical.  Ideal for virtually any Brinell application- low initial cost, low operational cost.

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