Trace Gas Analyzers

  • When gas purity is essential
  • Automated low-level detection of impurities in bulk, rare, and semiconductor gases
  • Ideal for producers, end users, and QA/QC
  • Multiple application capability in a single instrument (optional)
  • Customizable data collection and output
  • Genuine Valco valves, fittings, and detectors

The TGA is a turnkey trace gas analyzer with all the software and hardware required for the automated analysis of low ppb impurities in a variety of gases. Each system is built to customer specifications from standard VICI parts, with all methods, operations, and procedures documented in a custom validation packet.

Every VICI TGA performs detection of impurities in He as a basic application, but analyzers can be configured for other single or multiple gas matrices. The sampling system and industrial grade CPU can be rack-mounted, comprising a totally integrated unit. Standard features also include configurable data sharing through the included OPC server and automated routine maintenance processes.

Please call us at 800 367-8424 for more details, or email the VICI TGA department directly.


Tech support for the life of the instrument is included in the purchase price, beginning with thorough application validation and documentation and on-site installation and training. Once the instrument is installed, support is available via phone or remote access.

Preconfigured applications

Choose a complete, turnkey analyzer for:

  • PPB sulfur in H2
  • PPB sulfur in CO2
  • Impurities in bulk gases: He, H2, Ar, O2, N2, CH4, C2H6, NH3, CO2, CO
  • Impurities in rare gases: He, Ne, Kr, Xe, Rn
  • Impurities in semiconductor gases: H2, SiH4, SiF4, HBr, CF4, CCl4, NF3, C2F6, C3F8, N2O, C2H2, C2H6, C3H4, PH3, AsH3, SF6, NH3


  • User-configurable analog and digital outputs
  • Upgraded sampling system with expanded inlet and calibration options
  • Multiple application capabililty
  • Electronic flow measurement and validation
  • Trace moisture detection
  • Integrated rack mounted components
  • Special alloy construction or system passivation with Sulfinert® or Silcosteel®
  • User-defined alarms
  • Automated calibration and calibration validation
  • Remote access and control

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