Membrane Technology: Membranes and Filter Holders

Membranes and Filter Holders

We will find and deliver the suitable membrane and the optimal filter holder for your application.

To choose the proper type of membrane you should consider some important factors. For analytical applications the key factor is the chemical compatibility of the membranes, they must be stable against all solvents exposed. There should be no leaching from the membrane that would falsify your results.

It is most important to be biologically inert for all life science applications including water analysis. For examinations under a microscope we recommend PTL - hydrophilic Teflon® which will be transparent when wetted.

Other criteria for selecting a filter holder are easy handling, suitable adapters, compatibility for sterilization and autoclaving and ability to use in manifolds. 

Our Concept is to provide high-quality industry-specific design services even under the tightest budgets, deadlines, and we continually invest not only in new technologies, but also in our creative talent..

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