Internal pipe pressure for PP, PE, HDPE, PVC

This is a six appliance equipment for long term tests on PP, PE, HDPE, PVC etc. pipes, according to ASTM D 1598, DIN 8062, UNI 7449, UNI 7615, UNI 7991, UNI 8321 standards and basing on Istituto Italiano Plastici (IIP) prescriptions.

Test is provided by filling test pieces, dimensioned by the referenced standard, with water and pressurised for the prescribed time. Two independent systems govern the equipment up to a 100 bar pressure and feed the related circuits. Any circuit controls three appliances and maintains the pressure into the test pieces at pre-set value.

In the event pressure in a test piece decreases (e.g. balloing or leaking) or drops to zero (e.g. burst), the piece is automatically cut out, while pressure in the remaining two test pieces is raised to its initial value automatically as well.

Any appliance is connected to a timer that is blocked in case of damage or when test is completed. Pre-set and actual pressure is presented on a display connected to the control system that can include a three track recorder (two for pressure and one for bath temperature). Two optional gauges for pressure can be mounted.

Among the accessories for testing pipes under pressure, it is important to consider that thermostatic baths are required. 

Find out more information on the technical datasheet

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