Micrometering (Needle) Valves

Micrometering (needle) valves combine the ease of connection associated with Valco zero dead volume fittings with convenient bulkhead mounting. The very low internal volume and precision design make this valve ideal for use as a gas control valve in chromatographic systems. Dual outlet versions eliminate the need for a tee in some applications.

The Viton® model is rated at 225°C, while a version with Kalrez™ seals is capable of continuous operation at 315°C. This allows a needle valve to be mounted directly within a heated oven, facilitating control of flow switching in multidimensional systems while keeping the gases at oven temperature.

Valves are rated for maximum of 1000 psi gas, and individually tested on a mass spectrometer leak detector to a helium leak rate specification of < 1 x 10-8 atm cc/sec.

Dual outlet needle valve

The standard model has 1/16" Valco ZDV fittings with one or two outlets. There is also a single-outlet version with 1/16" x 18" tubes.

Needle valves with 1/16" Valco ZDV fittings

  Seal Lubrication Product No.
Single outlet   Standard: 2-225 ml/min @ 15 psi N2 inlet
Viton Lubricated ZBNV1
Viton Non-lubricated ZBNV1-D
Kalrez Non-lubricated ZBNV1-KZ
Fine control: 2-175 ml/min @ 15 psi N2 inlet
Viton Lubricated ZBNV1F
Viton Non-lubricated ZBNV1F-D
Kalrez Non-lubricated ZBNV1F-KZ
Low flow: 2-90 ml/min @ 40 psi N2 inlet
Viton Lubricated ZBNV1LF
Viton Non-lubricated ZBNV1LF-D
Kalrez Non-lubricated ZBNV1LF-KZ
Dual outlet
(Flow rate is the
total for both
outlets combined)
Standard: 2-225 ml/min @ 15 psi N2 inlet
Viton Lubricated ZBNV1-2
Viton Non-lubricated ZBNV1-D-2
Kalrez Non-lubricated ZBNV1-KZ-2
Fine control: 2-175 ml/min @ 15 psi N2 inlet
Viton Lubricated ZBNV1F-2
Viton Non-lubricated ZBNV1F-D-2
Kalrez Non-lubricated ZBNV1F-KZ-2
Low flow: 2-90 ml/min @ 40 psi N2 inlet
Viton Lubricated ZBNV1LF-2
Viton Non-lubricated ZBNV1LF-D-2
Kalrez Non-lubricated ZBNV1LF-KZ-2

Needle valves with 1/16" x 18" tubes

Seal Lubrication Product No.
Fine control: 2-175 ml/min @ 15 psi N2 inlet
Viton Lubricated BNV1
Viton Non-lubricated BNV1-D
Kalrez Non-lubricated BNV1-KZ
Low flow: 2-90 ml/min @ 40 psi N2 inlet
Viton Lubricated BNV1LF
Viton Non-lubricated BNV1LF-D
Kalrez Non-lubricated BNV1LF-KZ

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