Piper dart impact on pipes

Pipes - PIPER pneumatically-operated dart to perform impact, on pipes having diameter up to 500, 1000 and 1500 mm.

The sledge on which the striker is located is operated pneumatically, with a compressed air system. The release of the striker, permanent magnet type, is governed with proximity sensors, adjustable in accordance with the required heights of fall. After the impact of the striker on the specimen, the anti-rebound system is automatically activated. The whole system is designed to perform test after test quickly. In fact,  the interval of time between two falls is approximately 10 seconds.

The instrument is equipped with a control panel with buttons and spy lamps, and with a utility panel for the maintenance of the instrument, though a key selector.

Available codes and models:

Code Model Description
16021000 Piper 500 Falling Dart for pipes up to 500 mm
16021002 Piper 1000 Falling Dart for pipes up to 1000 mm
16021004 Piper 1500 Falling Dart for pipes up to 1500 mm





Please indicate the 8-digit code number that you find on the technical data sheet into the "note" field in case of offer request

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