Microvolume Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD)

Our dual filament TCD is a stand-alone unit consisting of the detector housing and a controller with electrometer and temperature controls. The detector cell includes two separate nickel/iron filaments, capable of independent or referenced (differential) operation. Cell volume and geometry are optimized for capillary chromatography and enhanced sensitivity at low flow rates. (Recommended total flow rate: 2-10 mL/min.)

Thermal stability is maintained to ±0.02°C, resulting in a stable, noise-free signal. A single 0-1 millivolt attenuated output for a strip chart recorder is provided through the signal cable at the rear of the controller, with 0-1 volt and 0-10 volt unattenuated signals available through the remote signal cable.

Description VAC Product No.
Entire unit (cell and electronics) 110 TCD2-NIFE
230 TCD2-NIFE-220
Dual filament cell/oven assembly only 110 TCD2-NIFED
230 TCD2-NIFED-220
TCD controller only 110 TCD2-C
230 TCD2-C-220
NIFE filament assembly (set of 2) TCD-NIFE-FA

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