Sampling system for fumes toxicity

The analyser (not included in the supply) can be connected to our Smoke Chamber mod. CA03 (designed according to ISO 5659-2 to determine the optical density of the smoke) through our sampling system which draws samples at set times after the start of the test: i.e. after 4 and 8 minutes.

The sampling system is composed by:

A) Heated line for gas transferring

  •  Line made in PTFE (4 meters long and 6-mm diameter) with maximum temperature of +220°C.
  • EGA module for suction, filtration and thermal stabilization of the exhaust gases (up to 10 lt/min).
  • Adapter for filters made in PTFE or in heated fibreglass (minimum porosity of 3 μm).
  • Long optical path heating system for cells with digital temperature regulator.
  • Automatic system for the selective introduction of the gas sample, gas IR background or standard into the measuring cell (standard and cleaning gas not included).

 B) Glass-bodied variable long-path cell in heatable configuration

  • Variable optical path measuring cell from 0,8 to 8 meters (step by 0,8 m), 0,75-liter volume and 20-cm height.
  • Gold plated optics with anti-corrosive coating.
  • KCI windows.
  • Thermal insulation plate.

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