On/Off and Prime/Purge Valves: 40,000 psi

These ultra-high pressure valves are available in 1/16", 1/32", and 360 micron versions. There are three types - a two port on/off valve, a dual on/off valve, and a 3-way prime/purge valve. The dual on/off configuration has two individually controlled outlets with a common inlet (or vice versa), emulating a rotary three way valve.

Implementation requires a single three-way solenoid: application of 50 psi opens the valve; venting the air allows the spring to return the valve to the closed position. Afitting for 1/8" air supply tubing is included; two fittings are included for dual valves.

Description Fitting
Bore Product No.
On/off valves 360 µm 0.15 mm ASFVO40K360
1/32" 0.15 mm ASFVO40K.5
1/16" 0.15 mm ASFVO40K1
Dual on/off valves 360 µm 0.15 mm ASFVOD40K360
1/32" 0.15 mm ASFVOD40K.5
1/16" 0.15 mm ASFVOD40K1
Prime/purge valves 360 µm 0.15 mm ASFV40K360
1/32" 0.15 mm ASFV40K.5
1/16" 0.15 mm ASFV40K1

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