G-Calibrator Calibration Gas Generators from VICI Metronics

G-Calibrators are rugged portable units specifically designed to be used with our Series 23 G-Cal permeation devices to generate known concentrations (ppb to ppm) of various gases and liquid vapors. This combination offers the easiest method of calibrating toxic gas detection equipment, gas analyzers, and chromatographs commonly used in chemical, petrochemical, paper, power, and related industries.

Due to its unique permeation technology, the permeation rate of a G-Cal device remains fairly stable when exposed to changing temperatures. For most applications, this feature eliminates the need for a temperature-controlled oven.

Two basic series are available - the Model 2301 (without oven) and the Model 2330 (with oven). Models with an oven have a single fixed temperature point (35° - 50°C). All have stainless steel fittings and PTFE tubing throughout.

Flow range Oven* Battery Product No.
100-1000 cc/min no 1.5 VCD 2301
no 12 VCD NiCad 2310-10
yes 12 VCD NiCad 2330-10
200-4000 cc/min no 12 VCD NiCad 2310-20
yes 12 VCD NiCad 2330-20

* Single fixed tempterature point (35° – 50°C)

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