MFI-10 Polymer Testing Machine

The MFI-10 melt flow index machine (polymer testing machine) is an intelligent, modular system, which offers flexibility of testing and increased automation, especially when used in conjunction with the optional easy-to-use MFI-10 Nexygen data analysis software. The main base unit can be configured for either manual or fully automatic testing. For those who use the same machine for a given test, a standard test set-up may be saved and password protected. Those doing several different tests may save up to 10 set-ups and recall them by name.  

View the Specification Sheet for the MFI-10 melt flow index machine (polymer testing machine)

Melt flow index testing operators need not be experienced, the backlit LCD gives written instructions at each step with audible prompts at the correct time and results calculated and displayed at the end of the test. Busy laboratories will save time and improve health and safety by automating the whole process with the addition of the optional displacement transducer and weight loading device. 

Key features of the MFI-10 Melt Flow Index Machine

  • Calculates melt flow index (MFI), melt flow rate (MFR), melt volume rate (MVR) and Melt density/viscosity
  • Simple set-up, operation and maintenance
  • Standard tests saved and recalled by name
  • Complies with BS 2782 Part 7: Method 720A, ISO 1133 and ASTM 1238 Methods A and B
  • 10 user-definable test methods
  • Melt density calculations
  • Last test reload option - even when switched off
  • Sequential instructions displayed on LCD
  • Repeatable and reproducible results
  • Heavy-duty and robust construction
  • Supplied with full accessory kit

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