Coating thickness measurement and materials analysis to improve process and quality control with X-ray fluorescence (XRF)

The X-Strata920 is a compact, rugged and reliable quality control XRF benchtop system for simple, rapid, non-destructive coating thickness measurement and materials analysis.

It performs excellent coating thickness analysis and characterisation of multi-layer analysis across a wide range of industrial markets, including electronics, metal finishing, alloys and precious metals assay.

The coating thickness measurement analyser X-Strata920 offers:

  • Non-destructive analysis: no sample preparation
  • Field-proven technology and reliability ensuring value for money year after year
  • Easy to use, with minimal user training required
  • Analysis in only three simple steps
  • Outstanding precision and accuracy of analysis
  • Culmination of over 20 years knowledge and experience in the coatings industry

Coating thickness measurement with the powerful and easy to use XRF spectrometer guarantees quality and reduces costs.

Our Concept is to provide high-quality industry-specific design services even under the tightest budgets, deadlines, and we continually invest not only in new technologies, but also in our creative talent..

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