Versitron® Series Rockwell Hardness Tester

The VERSITRON® Series is a top-loading tester with our exclusive test surface referencing feature, that applies the preload and full load through the test head. These systems comply with ASTM E-18. The preload is not applied through the elevating screw. In fact, the entire load system is modular and self-contained within the test head. With a single pull of a lever, the operator can perform an entire test cycle—applying both the preload and full load and obtained results in as little as 4 seconds. Operator influence on the test is negligible. Motor-drive systems are even easier using a footswitch or push button. 

The VERSITRON test heads come in two models: advanced and basic for regular, superficial or combination testing. The basic model control display hardness results, plus menus that guide you through the test setup. It stores data for up to 2400 test results and facilitates printing via RS232. The advanced models also provide histograms and statistical summary reports with an optional printer. In addition, advanced models feature electronic security codes which limit access to the system’s test parameter and calibration functions. Additional features include built-in hardness conversion per ASTM E140, user-assigned tolerances for HI/LO part sorting and SPC calculations, and the load lock feature that prevents tests from being performed using the incorrect test load. All test heads come with a diamond indenter, 1/16” tungsten carbide ball indenter and two certified test blocks. 

VERSITRON testing frames come in two basic styles and feature a newly designed base for greater stability: the N-type frame is a conventional bench-type frame with clamping capability, a heavy-duty elevating screw and an 8 inch vertical capacity. The T-type frame is also a bench type frame with adjustable head carriage height positioning, a heavy-duty elevating screw, clamping capability and vertical capacities of 16-, 28- and 36-inches. Other custom test frame configurations are also available. T- and N-type frames include a 2" flat anvil, spot anvil, two vee anvils, vinyl dust cover, tools and accessory kit. 

VERSITRON testers can have different types of drive options from the standard level actuated drive, pneumatic drive or electric drive. Electric and pneumatic drives can be controlled with either a pushbutton or footswitch. 

The diamond indenters are carefully checked to verify their compliance to ASTM and international specifications. Each diamond indenter is labeled with the Newage name, part number and serial number. And each comes with an accredited lab certificate listing the scales and test results from calibration and stating conformance to NIST where applicable. Tungsten carbide ball indenters in various sizes are available. We also supply Brinell conversion packages for Brinell testing on carbon steel, cast iron and light alloys. 

The indenter shrouds are integral to the test surface referencing feature of the VERSITRON system. Test surface referencing is unique to VERSITRON testes and help reduce erroneous readings due to deflection, vibration or dirty environments.  Standard, enclosed and double tapered shrouds are available. Standard shrouds feature a cutaway for better visibility of the test surface. 

Finally, clamping shields are available for many applications and are offered in several lengths. These attach to the test frame. Standard shields feature a cutaway for optimum viewing of the indenter contact point while providing a degree of indenter protection. Shortened shields provide complete indenter protection and are especially useful in automatic applications. 

Options for the VERSITRON testing system include enhanced software packages for the advanced digital test head. This package extends the memory storage capacity to 6400 results. Included also is automatic round correction, time/date stamping of each test, XBar/R charting, split memory, which provides up to 28 separate memory files for tracking and data management of individual parts. Test block verification tracks the tester’s accuracy and repeatability against stored test blocks. Test block data is stored by serial number, ASTM specification limits, and hardness value for up to three ranges per hardness scale. DATAVIEW® software can optionally be added to your system to provide a computer-based, Windows® solution for storing and displaying data, round corrections and more. 
Features & Benefits 
  • Heavy-Duty Clamping
    Jack rests are eliminated. Specimens weighing up to 240 ft-lbs  can be clamped in seconds.
  • Protect Your Diamond 
    The removable clamping shield protects the diamond indenter from damage due to accidents such as those caused by samples shifting under load and contacting the diamond.
  • Unaffected By Dirt 
    Cleaning of your test part is eliminated.
  • Fast and Easy 
    Tests are performed in as little as 2 seconds, even on manually activated testers. Minimal operator training required. 
  • Test Surface Referencing 
    A shroud senses the indenter position relative to the test surface at preload. Should the sample deflect under major load, the shroud travels with the test surface to compensate and ensure a precise reference position. Accuracy is maintained. Errors due to vibration or dirty environments can be eliminated.
  • Modular System Architecture 
    Configure your testing system based on your needs today, but with the flexibility to update tomorrow. Select from multiple types of frames, testing heads, drive mechanisms, indenters and accessories. Modular test heads can be easily removed, for example to change between regular and superficial testing, or for calibration, or for upgrading the embedded software with our latest features.
  • Made in the USA

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