360 µm UHPLC Fittings for Metal Tubing, < 40,000 psi

Our highest pressure Nanovolume® fittings are constructed of UHPLC grade stainless steel, including stainless steel nut and ferrule. These fittings are optimized for use with stainless or electroformed nickel tubing.

360 micron tee

Tees and crosses (right)have a tapped 3/8" boss, so they can be mounted with a 6/40 screw.

DescriptionBoreProduct No.
Nut/ferrule 360 micron nut-ferrule C360NFS6
Cap 360 micron cap C360C
Union 360 micron union 50 micron C360US62
100 micron C360US64
150 micron C360US66
Reducing union,
1/32" to 360 µm
360 micron reducing union 50 micron C360RU.5S62
100 micron C360RU.5S64
150 micron C360RU.5S66
Reducing union,
1/16" to 360 µm
360 micron reducing union 150 micron C360RU1S66
Tee 360 micron tee 50 micron C360TS62
100 micron C360TS64
150 micron C360TS66
Cross 360 micron cross 50 micron C360XS62
100 micron C360XS64
150 micron C360XS66
Internal reducer 1/32" to 360 micron 380 micron C360IZR.5TS6
1/16" to 360 micron 380 micron C360IZR1S6

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