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Based on the micro gas chromatography technology, the GCX is an instrument that finds its best use on-line. Due to its configuration can be placed in 19

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The innovative modular system allows the analysis of complex environmental matrixes with a single sample. GCX can simultaneously analyse samples on up to four independent microGC channels. Each channel (or module) is a self-contained GC comprised of a micro-machined injector, detector, and high-resolution capillary column.
This modular design delivers maximum application flexibility, allowing you to replace individual modules in minutes to adapt quickly to different application needs. Thanks to high-speed detection system, you can complete most of the ana-lysis in seconds. Designed for accurate analysis in a short time, the GCX can be used in all on-line applications typical in industrial production, refineries, and for continuous monitoring of air in industrial hygiene.


Zinc-coated steel chassis and a careful study of the GCX structure makes it a rugged instrument. It can perform complex analysis under the most demanding conditions; suitable for the most extreme applications of typical on-line analysis where unattended remote monitoring is required.
Continous on-line monitoring 
After installation and initial configuration, GCX is designed to operate for unattended monitoring. The volatile compounds present in the air or in a gas stream is analyzed on-line, providing a continuous monitoring of various chemicals in a single analytical run. GCX also provides the capability to automatically upload analysis results after every run via FTP to virtually anywhere in the world. The user can also remotely access the system to view data or select an alternate ana-lytical method. The results of the analysis are also stored in the PC connected to the instrument.

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