Provide Calibration, Validation and Consumables for all TOC analysers.

Altus Science manufacture Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) for Total Organic Carbon (TOC) & Conductivity which are used with TOC &Conductivity analysers in Pharmaceutical water quality testing. As well as this, they supply certified low TOC vials and consumables for the respective analysers.

Altus Science began trading in 2012 and, while providing customers with CRMs, also invested in building and implementing a quality management system (QMS).

They were successfully audited by UKAS to both ISO 17025 and ISO17034. As a privately owned independent company, their independence, together with a rigorous Quality Management System (QMS), allows them to manufacture unbiased TOC and Conductivity CRMs for all makes of analyser.

With over 40 years combined experience supporting Life Science customers involved with TOC, Altus Science understand the need for process accountability. 

The culture operated embraces quality throughout the business.

Using Altus Science CRMs:

  • Provides security & safety for your own Quality Management System 
  • Creates documentation for audits & Quality Assurance (now available on our website) 
  • Reduces risk associated with innacurate calibration
  • Fulfils the requirements of internal & external audits 
  • Ensures consistent quality of CRMs through high reproducibility, repeatability and comparability 
  • Delivers cost & time savings, by optimising operations & reducing errors 
  • Creates Process Accountability 


 TOC Standards:

Altus Science manufacture a wide range of Certified Reference Materials for Total Organic Carbon Analysis. Accredited to both ISO 17025 & ISO1734, they supply TOC Standards compatible with whichever analyser you use. Along with our support and the network of channel partners globally, Altus Science supply all of the Calibration, Validation & System Suitability Standards required to maintain TOC compliance. They are committed to providing the highest quality of standards, this combined with their rigorous Quality Management System (QMS)allows them to provide unbiased TOC CRMs. These TOC CRMs will give you an accurate record of you instruments performance.


We offer TOC Standards compatible with:

·      Suez Sievers: M9, 900, 800, 500, 400, Checkpoint, M5310C, 5310, InnovOx & PPT

·      Beckman Coulter Anatel: PAT700, TOC600, A643, QbD1200, A1000

·      Shimadzu: TOC-L, TOC-V

·      Analytik Jena: Multi N/C

·      OI Analytical: 1080 TOC Analyser, Aurora 1030D TOC Analyser, 1088 Rotary TOC Autosampler

·      Elementar: vario TOC cube, enviro TOC, acquray

·      Swan Analytical:  AMI Line TOC

·      Mettler Toledo: 6000TOC, 5000TOC, 4000TOC, 450TOC

·      Teledyne Tekmar: Fusion, Torch, Lotix

·      Membrapure: miniTOC, uniTOC


Alongside Certified Reference Materials (CRMs), Altus Science offer a range of consumable items for your TOC analyser,including Reagent Cartridges, UV Lamps, Pump Tubing, Resin Beds & Inline Filters.

To find out more about the consumables available visit:

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